How to :

Search for a parking spot
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Do you want to go to a specific location but don't know if there are secure parking spaces available in the area? Check out the search function:
Leave a review
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By leaving your review, you are helping our community proactively fight bike theft.
  • Launch the "Owlee" application
  • Select a parking spot to access the detailed view.
  • Click on the 2nd tab: "Reviews".
  • Click on the stars to start posting your review.
  • Once you have completed all the fields, click on: “Submit".
  • If your review respects our publication rules, it will be automatically published.
Thank you for your contribution.
Contact the owner of a park spot
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The parking spaces listed on Owlee are managed by many operators (private or public).
If you have encountered a problem when parking your bike, you can contact the parking operator directly.
Experience points
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The more you help the community fight bike theft, the more points you earn. Find out how to earn them.
  • Leave a review : +200 points
  • Create a parking spot : +250 points
  • Update a parking spot : +100 points
  • Add a picture: +50 points

Issues :

The application doesn't locate my position.
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When you connect to the application, your position is not automatically found. Find out how to fix it.
Step 1 - check your location settings
On iOS
  • Open the "Settings", and choose the Privacy tab. Ensure the location services are turned on.
  • Back into the settings, scroll down until you find the Owlee application, and select it.
  • Ensure the location settings are set on While Using.
  • Go back into Owlee application.
Step 2 - Tap on Locate me button
  • Open Owlee.
  • Once you are on the map, you will find at the right bottom of the screen: 3 buttons.
  • Click on the one with the arrow icon.
  • The map will then automatically reposition itself, based on your current location.